Scheduling Queen (or King)

So you’re looking for a new job? Great!

Well, not really right? We know it’s not fun at all. It’s the opposite of fun.  

But you’re in luck.

We’re different, even reading this ad and applying for this job will be kinda fun and if you’re successful you’ll be kissing job hunting goodbye and joining us on our daily mission to make every single one of our customers smile.  

About This Ad

Most job ads are as boring as bat-sh*t and use loads of cliche phrases that you just know are not true at all like “great opportunity” and “dynamic company” and they never ever talk about the person they’re looking for as though they were a real human. 

Not us though. We care about who you are and what you want. It matters to us just as much as what we need you to do for us if you’re successful.

If you’re reading this and already thinking “Thank goodness. Humans. With a bit of personality and a sense of humour” then great, we’re off to a good start. 

If however you’re reading this and you’re still reeling from the fact that we started a sentence with  ‘But’ and we used a “rude” word two paragraphs ago then it’s probably a strong indication we are not going to get along well and you can save yourself the trouble of reading any further. 

About You

Your super-power is being organised and you’ve got a memory like an elephant.

You probably love sudoku, crosswords or some other kind of puzzle-solving endeavour because you get a bit of a buzz making things fit perfectly, cracking the code or figuring things out; its somehow deeply satisfying. 

Your friends have joked that you have OCD because you like to do things ‘properly’ (whether packing the dishwasher or preparing a report), it’s just the way you’re wired.

You’re great with people and have a knack for knowing what to say and how to say it so that you make everyone you deal with feel a bit special.

You take your responsibilities seriously because you know that even if it seems like a small task, everything is connected and in the game of domino’s that is “small business”, there are no unimportant tasks. 

You prefer having the variety of a few different things to do rather than doing the same thing all day long.   

You’re at a point in your life where you’re looking for a job that you can leave behind when you go home, one that doesn’t demand late night emails.

You definitely want a job where you’ll be appreciated for your unique blend of skills, experience and personality (but you’re not a high maintenance type who expects to be given an award for turning up on time). 

You’re comfortable asking questions if you’re not sure rather than making assumptions to avoid ‘looking stupid’ and you consider yourself a confident communicator. 

Previous associates would describe you as easy to work with and customers at the last place you worked have probably missed you since you’ve been gone. 

Maybe you’ve probably travelled a lot, or you even grew up in a country other than Australia, however it happened you’ve seen enough of the world to know that no matter what, we’re all united by our shared humanity and that everyone has more or less the same fears and needs. 

Your skills will need to include:

  • Gmail
  • Microsoft office suite (mainly word and excel)
  • Making and taking calls 
  • Dealing with customers, team mates and suppliers
  • Confidence in your ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing

We’re hoping your experience also includes:

  • Working unsupervised 
  • Being a member of a small team
  • Using different software programs confidently 
  • Customer service, project coordination or internal sales

On our wish list for our ideal candidate are:

  • A quick learner
  • Experience using ServiceM8
  • A personality with a bit of sparkle 
  • A genuine enthusiasm for delivering remarkable customer experiences
  • An understanding of how a residential plumbing or electrical business operates end-to-end
  • An “entrepreneurial” spirit … as in … although you’re an employee you’re always looking for better ways to get your work done

About Us (National Plumbing and Gas)

If you’re still reading you’ll already be able to tell that we’re not your average plumbing business. 

While our core business is pretty boring on the surface (residential plumbing and gas-fitting work) it’s our vision about the way we’ll be doing what we do that’s the exciting bit. 

We believe that the whole industry is broken (long story why, we’ll tell you if you get to the interview stage) and the result is that customers don’t trust plumbers, plumbers are frustrated and nobody wins. 

It’s been like this for years and it’s just getting worse. 

Our vision is to shake up the plumbing industry and give our customers a delightful experience. To make plumbing enjoyable and restore people’s faith in plumbers and plumbers pride in their trade.

With 20 years experience across three countries seeing the dodgy workmanship of the cowboys who had come before him and overcharged the customer, our Director set up his own business here in Australia 15 years ago with a vision to do things professionally, ethically and offer great value and personal service.

Right now we’re Brisbane-based but we’re building a national franchise to offer great honest plumbers a turnkey business with customers who value and respect them so everybody wins.

The office is in Morningside but our technicians service the greater Brisbane area. 

About This Position 

In a nutshell your role will be to make sure the sudoku puzzle that is the weekly schedule of jobs for the team is always in order and that the wheels of the NPG machine are well oiled.

This role is integral to making sure everything keeps working as it should. 

We won’t be able to give you a crystal clear job description with all the i’s dotted and all the t’s crossed (and if that’s what you need to succeed then we’re probably not the best fit for you anyway).

Day-to-day tasks will include things like entering details into our business management system to schedule jobs, liaising with customers to make sure their jobs are booked in and making sure our technicians always have the info they need. 

Part of your role will be to manage the follow up with customers for all jobs to make sure we’ve succeeded in fulfilling our mission and our customers are smiling. 

As you get comfortable in your role and the business grows we’ll work together on adding in a few things so that you feel you’re still challenged, you get to play to your strengths and you can earn extra money.

Your work will all be “at your desk” type stuff, so you won’t need to be out and about.

We have a small office just off Lytton Road that we’re in the process of redecorating to give it a less industrial feel) but there is the chance that you may be able to do a few days working from home. 

Ideally the position will be full-time but part-time may be an option (the number of hours will be negotiated with the ideal candidate as opposed to being set in stone).

For The Perfect Candidate …

We are open to discussing things that are very important to you, or may be deal breakers e.g. if you have kids at the high school nearby and would like them to be able to come and do their homework in the office after school. 

Our business operates from 7am to 5pm but we are open to discussing the hours that best suit you and looking for ways to make that work.

We want to make this position as much of a win-win for the successful candidate and for our business as possible. 

How to Apply

You weren’t expecting “Send us your resume and cover letter were you?” Good! 

We don’t believe you can capture a person’s full value on a piece of paper that lists their last jobs and qualifications and let’s be honest, cover letters are usually pointless. 

So if this job sounds like it could be exactly what you’re looking for then here’s how to apply.

Step 1:

Send us an email at [email protected] with the subject line “Please send me the Application Pack”.

We’ll include some more info in there about us, the business, our values and our vision so that you can decide whether or not you really feel like this role could be right for you before you take the time to apply.

There will also be specific instructions on how to apply in the pack as well.

Step 2:

When we send it to you, open it up, read through it and follow the instructions. 

It’s going to be simple, enjoyable and give you a chance to show us who you are and what you can offer the business – not just what you’ve done in previous roles. 

Step 3:

Wait to hear back from us. 

Dates and next steps will be explained in the application pack. And yes, everyone will be hearing back from us, if you take the time to apply we respect that and we’ll make sure you know where you stand with us, even if it’s just to thank you for your time.

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