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Gas Compliance Certificates in Brisbane

What is gas compliance certificate?

A gas compliance certificate is an official confirmation that your gas installation or repair has been done by a licensed gas fitter.

All gas repairs and installations require a gas compliance certificate by law.

The process involves a gas fitter checking your gas supply system as well as all appliances to ensure that it all meets the necessary gas safety standards.

The gas compliance certificate must be issued within 30 days of the repair or installation work being completed to showing that you are compliant.

When is a gas compliance certificate needed?

In all the following situations

  • When gas is first connected to your building 
  • When gas is you’re reconnected to your building
  • A new gas pipe is installed 
  • A new gas appliance is installed (e.g. a hot water system, a stove, cooktop, BBQ or oven)
  • A gas appliance is replaced  (e.g. a hot water system, a stove, cooktop, BBQ or oven)
  • A gas appliance is repaired (e.g. a hot water system, a stove, cooktop, BBQ or oven)

Is a gas compliance certificate a piece of paper?

Yes, there will be a paper version of the compliance certificate but you will also get a gas compliance plate.

The gas compliance plate will remain on your property – it will be fitted to the wall near gas bottles or to the inside of the electrical meter box.

The gas compliance certificate will need to be provided to your gas supplier (e.g. Origin energy) to show that you are compliant if you are having gas installed at your property because this is a requirement before they can legally turn the gas on.

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