Is your drain blocked?

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Do you think you might have a blocked drain?

Sometimes you’re not sure wether it’s blocked or not but you know something isn’t right. Other times it’s obviously blocked and you just need it fixed ASAP. Either way, we can help you to find and fix the problem quickly, maybe even today.

Step 1: First we find out why your drain is blocked

If an inspection isn’t sufficient, we can use CCTV technology if needed.

The drain camera can clearly show if there is damage to the pipe or what it is that’s causing the damage.

It can also show where the issues are so that we can most accurately diagnose the best way to fix them.

If you have an issue like a collapsed pipe, tree roots in the drain, or foreign objects in your drain these are easy for us to identify with our CCTV camera.

Step 2: Then we fix your blocked drain

In some cases we can fix your blocked drain quickly and easily but in most situations we need to use our high pressure Jet Rod machine to clear blocked drains fast and effectively.

The Jet Rod can blast away tree roots, debris and waste build up.

It has the added benefit of being less damaging to your pipes than the older style technology of drain snakes or electric eels.

And is also a preventative measure against further build up and blockages. 

In some situations we may need to fix other problems which are causing the blocked drain.

Give us a call on 1300 668 770 to discuss your unique situation, options and pricing. 

Our blocked drain repair services include

  • Blocked kitchen drain repairs
  • Blocked pipe repairs 
  • Blocked sewer drain repairs
  • Blocked toilet repairs
  • Blocked down-pipe repairs
  • Blocked shower repairs
  • Blocked gutter repairs
  • Blocked storm water pipes repaired

Blocked Drain Repairs – Brisbane Wide Service

National Plumbing & Gas have been unblocking blocked drains for over 25 years. We presently service the entire Brisbane area including repairing blocked drains on Brisbane Northside, Brisbane Southside, Brisbane Westside, Brisbane Eastside ad everywhere in between. If you have a blocked drain, call us now and our friendly, on-time Brisbane plumbers will have it unblocked in no time!

…and everywhere in between

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